Meetings Tagged "Proposed Open Government Ordinance"

October 25, 2011 – Council Meeting

October 25, 2011 - Berkeley City Council Meeting   SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY  PURCHASE OF NEW REFUSE TRUCKS:  Postponed until November 8 CLOSURE OF GUANTANAMO AND CLEARED DETAINEES:  Berkeley will be offered as a possible relocation option for cleared detainees. HONORING THE LIFE OF GERONIMO:  Language in the letter is being revised and will return to Council for vote on November...

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Council Meeting February 15, 2011

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY AFFORDABLE HOUSING FEE will be developed in workshops that will analyze various options.  Fee will as proposed was $20,000. OPEN GOVERNMENT ORDINANCE was presented with two amendments that would give more power to the Agenda Committee and any Consent Item that was moved to action could be moved to the beginning or end of the Action Calendar at the discretion of the...

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Council Meeting January 25, 2011

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY WEST BERKELEY PLAN Much controversy exists over the new West Berkeley Plan – over 50 people spoke during public comment.  Public comment has been held over to the February 8 meeting and consideration is given to expanding into a third meeting.   A sense of urgency exists to accommodate the LBNL request for proposal for a new East Bay campus. OPEN GOVERNMENT...

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