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Council Meeting March 22, 2011

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY WEST BERKELEY PROJECT:  AMENDMENTS TO THE WEST BERKELEY PLAN AND ZONING REQ. Voted and certified the EIR.  Voted and approved amending the General Plan.  Voted and approved providing parking wavers for spaces <2,500 sq.ft. that were in existence on January 1, 2011 in the MM and MU zones, changing the term “visual art production” to “media production”, and...

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Council Meeting March 8, 2011

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY PANORAMIC HILL – DEFINITION OF BEDROOM – ZONING ISSUE Infrastructure on Panoramic Hill must be improved before its population can increase.  As such, the Planning Department has expanded the definition of “bedroom” in the Zoning Ordinance in order to more closely monitor and protect against population growth.  All council members agreed and also suggested the...

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Council Meeting January 18, 2011

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY POLICY Held over until February 15 COMMUNITY WORKFORCE AGREEMENT Council approved a Resolution to require all projects in excess of $1M to utilize 30% local labor consisting of Berkely, Green Corridor, and Alameda County residents. ZAB APPEAL FOR SAFEWAY PROJECT ON SHATTUCK Council denied the appeal and approved staff recommendations to support...

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