Meetings Tagged "Housing"

May 3, 2011 – Regular Meeting

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY HOUSING AND CHILD CARE MITIGATION FEES:  There has not been an updated report since 1993 and pursuant to California government code requirements this needs to be done every 5 years.  These fees are one-time events that are a component of new development fees and there are unexpended fees currently held in suspense.  Council was split on the benefit of these fees vs....

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FY 2012-13 Biennial Budget Balancing Options – March 22, 2011

SUMMARY FROM THE GALLERY Balancing options were presented from the following three cost centers:  Police, Health Services, and Housing & Community Services.  The total deficit projected for 2012 is $12.5 Million.  This deficit is made of $3 Million from the General Fund and $9.5 Million from Special Funds.  There will be a total of 96 positions eliminated over the next two years.  There...

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