November 27, 2012 – Council Meeting

Item #27 – Increase funding to Youth Spirit Artworks 
Staff report
Some funds are being released through mental health for 2 new programs at YEAH, BOSS and Youth Spirit Artworks that address some of the needs including health needs that will help transitional youth with daytime activity needs.

Youth Spirit Artworks and Public Comment
Art program is needed to keep youth off the street, they need something to do.  Need a creative outlet and it has a positive impact on the neighborhood.
This is much needed and it is in the community’s front yard.  Children need something to believe in and someone to believe in them.
Even though there is a funding issue council should look into YEAH and then they will understand the need for daytime services.

Councilmember Comments:
Maio:  I don’t want this service to move out of the neighborhood.  The place is packed.  I worry about mixing TAE and younger kids currently in programs.  We have not gone through the normal process with this but we need to have the appropriate ground work and procedures.
Worthington:  Max should be here to discuss this instead of delaying this for 7 months.  Would like to hold over until Mayor and Max are both attending a meeting which will be January 22.
Wozniak:  The proper way is to go through the commission process.  Yet I will adhere to waiting for the meeting in January.  There is no clear deliverable in the proposal.
Arreguin:  Looking at the proposal the biggest cost is for the salary of the artist.  What money would we have to reallocate to fund this?  This has merit but we have many needs.  I would like to fund YEAH shelter year-round.
Moore:  I am a strong supporter but don’t know the resources at our disposal and process.
Bates:  I am concerned about the process and not going through the commissions.  I have yet to hear from YEAH on how they will interact with this program.  I want to prioritize youth daytime programming.
Wengraf:  I agree with all of my collegues and Youth Spirit Artworks must go through the process and we must insist they go through the process.

Motion and Vote:
Must proceed through the community allocation process

Absent:   Anderson
No:  Worthington
Yes:  All others

Item #13  Theatre FIRST contract for Live Oak Park
Staff presentation
Process started in December 2011.  2 proposals were submitted.  Staff recommended TheatreFIRST and concurred with the panel. The first 3 years will be free of rent in lieu of the company making approx. $125K of improvements to the building.  The theater condition is functional but not ADA accessible and there are several maintenance issues including ADA upgrades and a new roof.

Public Comment

  • Poor communication and back room dealing
  • Previous caretakers want to keep the contract
  • Should have special pricing for people who work for the city and should do the same for TheatreFIRST so the community could experience this asset
  • Very little opportunity to experience  and this is a valuable service that Actors Ensemble has given the community.  There is much professional theater- we need to recognize community theatre.
  • Value in having things done by the community and not for profit
  • Live Oak Theater is a community asset and should be a resource that is available to the community and all the public and it is open now that way with Actors Ensemble.
  • TheatreFIRST:  we are nomadic and started in Berkeley  would love to have  permanent home.  Will accommodate all nomadic theater companies
Councilmember Comments:
Capitelli:  I have been meeting with both theater groups.  I move this first reading and we will come to an agreement in the next 2 weeks.
Bates:  I hope we can work something out so the space can be shared with TheatreFIRST and Actors Ensemble.
Motion and Vote:
Move first reading
Absent:  Anderson
Yes:  All others