February 5, 2013 – Special Meeting, Crime Report

All crime was up by 5% but that is less than the regional trend.  All regional agencies are looking into the reason for the increase and working together.
Staff Presentation
Violent Crime
Murder was up but previous year was an anomaly.   In range of average.
Rape was up significantly.
Property Crime
Larceny is up
Cop logic might have had an impact on larceny crimes as it is easy to file a report which might tbe the reason for the increase.
Operations commander presentation
Focused on auto burglary.  Numbers are flat despite regional trends.
Crime analysis and response meetings are being held. Helps maximize efforts and includes crime analysts.
  • Meet every Monday morning for weekend and primary meetings every Thursday.  check priority based on current data. Helps set weekly priorities.
  • Mini task force created with Albany and Emeryville so auto burglaries have declined in the west side.
  • Over the holidays partnered and focused on crime with the University Police and had good success in capturing criminals.  South side patrols have increased at beginning of semesters to help with loud parties, burglaries and alcohol abuse.
  • Working on enhancing crisis prevention team. Have extra training and additional resources.
Telegraph Ave patrol staffed daily and in evenings.  Partnering with UC and have increased coverage.
Chronic offenders
  • Focus on these offenders. Keep track of who is going in and out of custody.
  • Using data driven analysis (see video) etc
Councilmember Comments:
Maio.  There was a homicide in her district, yesterday.  Want to be a partner with our police force.  There had been a community meeting identifying a problem apartment building.  How do we intervene when there are properties that could be problematic?  This is information that is coming from the neighborhood.  Interested in why the spike in rape?  Acquaintance rape needs an informational program for youth coming into our community.  Is there any intelligence that is telling us why we are having this increase?  What Disticts have the increase?  Auto burglaries –  we have a big problem at the waterfront.  Do these criminals use rental cars and keep an eye out?
Bates:  We are fortunate, however, that this is acquaintance rape and not predatory rape.
Anderson. We look at the 5 year trend and the reduction of crime and hopefully this past year is an anomaly?   The closure rate is impressive.  It is great you are looking at beat practices and data. We need  to keep telling our constituents to take precautions.  We should look at a gun buy-back program in our city. I know funding is a problem and that the money runs out really quickly.  It has been successful in other cities so we hope to make it so here.  Need to encourage more partnership with businesses.
Wengraf. If 50% of the rapes are acquaintance rapes, I would assume you would have the identity?  What is the arrest rate and conviction?  If we are aggressive with this then people know  that they can’t get away with it.  Do you have any data on the age of the victims?  Does UC get reports that we do not get?  What geographic area does UC police patrol?  Is it evenly distributed?  Some people have a hesitancy in calling the police.
Wozniak. Ideally  I like that you are doing crime analysis and doing targeted enforcement.  Regarding violent crime it would be helpful if we had closure statistics. Robbery and aggravated assault – I want to hear more about that population and what can we do to decrease these events?
Capitelli. Regarding larceny, the on-line reporting has been a great help and I have been promoting its use.  If we don’t report crime then the police cannot analyze it
Moore.  Prostitution – what does it look like in our city?  Goal is to reduce victimization and drug dealing and increase arrest.  How does that rate in our city?  Drugs are a regional problem so we must partner with other agencies that work together on this.  Would love to know how much the blue emergency lights/alerts cost and how they work.
Bates. We need to work on regional issues and new technology that is available so we could get federal money and grants to help reduce crime and arrest these serial criminals.
Public presentation
Berkeley Safe Neighborhoods Council
Analyzed crime in Beat 2. Happened in aftermath of murder on Grizzley Peak. Conclusion:  we have a superior police force.
Public Recommendations:
Need to solve mental health issues. BPD role needs to be established. Need broad based aproach to give recommendations for services for severely mentally ill on a local or regional basis. Alameda County does not participate in Laura’s  Law.
Need verified response to burglar alarms.  98 to 2 are false.
Minimum staffing level needs to be publicized so expectations and deliverables are met and known
Advise and publish communications center documents and identify calls
Shorten travel times to calls.  Need visible addresses on all buildings
Optimize community to engage police communications
Beat reconfiguration needs to be addressed and request that neighborhood watch groups participate.
We need data as to when police were not able to be able to fully respond to incidents.
Strengthen and enhance neighborhood watch group activity.  City needs to know how policing is working on a neighborhood level.
Public comments
Praise for police and it’s work.
We have some problem rental units.
Need to raise our youth in a manner where they don’t need guns and weapons to protect themselves.
Prostitution on San Pablo is at its lowest level ever
Councilmember Comments
Wengraf. Thanks to the citizens group for these recommendations and I hope that we can follow up on many of these recommendations.  I have been doing research on Laura’s Law.  Senator Yee will be doing something like it on a state level.  Verified response – how much does it cost to retrofit your system to support verified response?
Arreguin. Encouraged by the trends and the data driven work and the coordination in addressing trends.  Also the citizens group recommendations were great and I think we need to work on the neighborhood watch groups and communication is interesting idea in addressing crime.  Regarding Laura’s Law. We are hopeful the intervention policy will work but we nee to give it time.  There are pluses and minuses to the law and there are cuts to mental health services and it has had a significant impact on available services.  What are the implications of these cuts and the civil rights issues around Laura’s Law?