December 11, 2012 – Council Meeting

Summary from the Gallery:

Solano Avenue BID:  Approved

Changes to Council Minutes to include all motions receiving votes:  Approved


Item # 24 Solano BID

Councilmember Capitelli recused himself as his office resides on that street

Public Comment
Merchant:  expressing full support of BID from all the merchants and city’s willingness to improve the district.
No protests

Councilmember Comments:

Motion and Votes:
Move both items
Unanimous approval
Item #27  Revision of Council Annotated Minutes to Include all Motions Voted On
New language submitted by City Manager and accepted by resolution author, Arreguin.

Vote to accept language:  Unanimous

Councilmember Comments:
Arrguin:  This means that all motions made, seconded and voted on will be recorded – not just the successful motion.  This was done historically and should be reinstated.  The clerk already records these votes so it is minimal work to include in the annotated agenda.  Good for more transparency.
Move the resolution
Capitelli:  I do think if I was nit picking all is recorded in the video and if anyone wants to see the detail then people can go back and look at it.  It is on line and available.
Wozniak:  Does the clerk record all these motions that doesnt result in an action?  So if a motion is not seconded it would not be included.

Unanimous approval