What’s What?

Here is what this site is all about!  Our Mission is to provide a forum where Berkeley Citizens can easily find out what is really going on in their City and have an opportunity to weigh in on issues, be notified of important and time-sensitive matters, and communicate with other Berkeleyans about City Government happenings.

Through this Website you can:

  • Access current Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Supporting Materials
  • Read ”Summaries from the Gallery” – highlights of recent Council Meetings
  • Retrieve notes from previous Council Meetings
  • “Vote” on upcoming Council items and have your submission included in the Councilmembers’ informational packets
  • Follow a topic of interest (starting January 2011)
  • Obtain information from groups interested in City affairs
  • Get links to news and media articles about Berkeley City Council and issues affecting its citizens


Become a Berkeley Council Watch Wonk!

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